Jeff Kirby, Chairman & Founder

A lifetime of Community Contributions in Volunteerism

  • Jeff Kirby Owner & CEOWashington State Certified LTC Ombudsman
  • King County Bar Association Judicial Screening Panel Committee Member
  • Overlake Hospital Board of Business Development Community: monthly meetings including special events and raising funds for this non-profit hospital since 2003.
  • Since 1985 volunteering time in legislation and coordination of the security guard industry & P.I .’s during regular monthly meetings and Olympia events.
  • Washington State Security Council (WSSC), founding father since 1984 and now sitting president, volunteering at monthly meetings, and many hours off the clock to help new security business owners get started.
  • Washington State Dept of Licensing, Security Guard section. Led the security industry through voluntary work with WSSC in passing the very first security officer training and criminal background checks for all companies to adhere to in this State.
  • Coal Creek’s Utility Water District: volunteered support and time at the local districts community outreach efforts.
  • Newport Shores HOA:  volunteered three year’s service in office as treasurer in fiscal accounting;  Board of Governors elected official.
  • Architectural Advisory Committee of NYC HOA since 1992, meeting monthly to help residents with their construction designs and CC&R needs.
  • Chaired numerous community team efforts: volunteering to improve the neighborhood such as, the Power Outage Committee, the Property Task Force, Metro Bus Study, etc.
  • Washington State Department of Licensing, Business & Professions Division, Ad Hoc WAC Advisory Committee codifying RCW language for both the private security and investigation industry, from 1992 to the present.
  • Washington Association of Legal Investigators, WALI Elected volunteer serving on the Board  - 2009.
  • BOMA Membership Committee volunteering and helping review recent community outreach decisions in a process of facilitating member financial support for The Downtown Homeless Center, Toby Awards and the Ryther Child Center.
  • Lewis & Clark College: return volunteer on the panel ‘how to work with government’.
  • KIRO TV  Commentator resource “Shootings in shopping malls”, which aired on the evening news.
  • PNLFTA, Pacific Northwest Tax License & Fraud Assn. Past board member.
  • Shoreline Community College:  consultant and volunteer, multi-lingual department on criteria for becoming a security officer in our community.
  • Lake Washington Vo-Tech:  volunteer consultant on developing a course curriculum in security education and training programs.
  • American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS): volunteer for legislative liaison, appointed in 1992.
  • FBI CAA Seattle Chapter Graduate. Volunteer Chairman of the FBI CAA Seattle Division ID Theft Committee helping neighborhood companies like Puget Sound Energy and others learn “how to stop them from becoming you”.
  • Volunteer executive producer of the first Washington State Security Officer Basic Training Video Course approved by the Department of Licensing.
  • Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs and the Washington law Enforcement Executive Forum on RCW 18.170 development, liaison and hosted speaker.
  • Red Cross:  regular volunteer supporter of the Annual Red Cross Real Heroes Breakfast event.
  • Volunteering support in time, facilities, and donations for Washington political leaders working to further the common good of businesses in our state and personally meeting every governor in Washington State since 1991.
  • Police Officers Reserve Academy:  graduate, volunteered on invitation, and completed the academy training to then return and better coordinate law enforcement with the security industry at large.
  • Washington State Dept of Licensing Certified Firearms Instructor 1992


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