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Jeff Kirby Owner & CEOJeff Kirby
Owner & Chairman

We focus on our two top priorities: Our valued customers and our valuable employees.

Jeff Kirby founded the company in 1981 with one patrol vehicle and one client. Over the years he has grown the company into one of the leading full-service security service providers in the Pacific Northwest. He has created a professional work environment where managers and security personnel operate with pride and expertise. Jeff is a highly decorated and respected leader in the security industry and has served for many years as President of the Washington State Security Council.  He has been active in several community and law enforcement organizations. Jeff was instrumental in establishing legislation for regulating the private security industry.

Jeff is a police academy graduate and has expertise in many areas of security including premises liability, security hardware, vehicle patrol, security audit procedures, school security, investigations and law enforcement liaison, and Security Guard licensing, training and management.  Jeff has created a quality security company that is beyond the ordinary.

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William Cottringer, PresidentGeorge Schaeffer

George Schaeffer has been working in the security community since 1979 in a variety of capacities both as a contractor and as a client. During his career, George has been responsible for the successful operation of the several of the largest contracts in the state of Washington. His dynamic approach to training and development has changed the industry and continues to be used on a daily basis. He is a self-motivated team leader who is never satisfied with the current result and is always looking for a way to provide more efficient and cost effective service to his clients George’s ability to lead has been demonstrated in organizations both large and small. George is tasked with continued development of Puget Sound Security’s professional service strategy. He is a hands on executive dedicated to providing unmatched service.

William Cottringer, PresidentWilliam Cottringer, Ph.D., CHS-III
VP Employee Relations

I will always be looking for ways to improve the quality of our security service.

Dr. Cottringer has been involved with the security field since 1962, when he started as a security specialist for the U.S. Air Force. Bill has had a diverse professional career in many areas, including law enforcement, mental health, prison administration, university teaching, security management and building maintenance. His areas of expertise include human resources, organizational effectiveness, policies and procedures, emergency preparedness planning, risk analysis, conflict resolution, communication, and leadership. Dr. Cottringer was recently awarded certification in Homeland Security-Level III by the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute. He was also selected to serve on Washington State’s Emergency Preparation and response team. Bill has successfully published six personal development and business management books and over 100 articles in professional journals.

Bill’s special areas of expertise include strategic planning, criminal justice leadership, security guard and supervisory training, law enforcement liaison, conducting security surveys, expert court testimony, human resources, policies and procedures, computer security and anti-terrorism.

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Steve Squire, Operations ManagerSteve Squire
VP Customer Service

“I am the operations problem-solver for PSS and I pride myself on having a file cabinet full of solutions, even on a Friday afternoon!”

Mr. Squire has over 12 years of security management experience with Puget Sound Security and other companies. He knows the business inside-out, having served in many capacities with PSS including: Human Resources Manager, Scheduler, Site Supervisor, Dispatcher, Patrol Officer and Security Officer.  All of this experience has made it quite easy for Steve to communicate, train and supervise all of our Security Officers and deal with diverse customer needs. Steve is an expert at security operations and is quick and efficient in responding to client concerns and issues before they become problems. He is very practical and easy to work with.

Mikhail Lakhter, Business ManagerMikhail  Lakhter

I pride myself in completely accurate accounting so that we are an efficient company who can offer you the best value in security service.

Mr. Lakhter has been with Puget Sound Security for over 9 years in his current capacity as Business Manager. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Byelorussian Polytechnical University where he graduated with a 3.95 GPA He also holds an Associate Degree from North Seattle Community College in accounting (3.92 GPA). Mikhail is committed to not making mistakes on payroll and billing and will be glad to provide the information you need regarding service or invoice detail.

Published authors of many professional books and articles.



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